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Rocklin's oldest tattoo shop

Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing is the best-known and most professional tattoo and piercing shop in northern California. Since 2002, we have been located in the city of Rocklin and attract customers from throughout the surrounding area, including Sacramento, and Folsom. We specialize in a wide range of tattooing, dermal implants, and navel or nose piercings. Over the years we have built up a reputation for the precise and imaginative nature of our artistry, as well as our excellent customer service and attention to cleanliness.

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We regard tattoos as a wonderful way for customers to express themselves. Our first-class artists will give them the best tattoo available in the Rocklin area and specialize in large pieces such as arm sleeves and leg sleeves. We do traditional, portraits, realism, Pacific Island tribal, and many more.



Our piercing artists go about their work in a thoroughly professional way and we have a private booth that is cleaned and sterilized after every client. We always use hospital grade chemicals and work to the highest standards to ensure you have no health concerns when visiting us.


Dermal Piercings

Dermal piercings are a form of self-expression that give the appearance of a single rhinestone protruding from the skin. This can be done on any area of the body, particularly flat surfaces. Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing has been offering dermal implants longer than any other tattoo and piercing shop in northern California.


Our team will always give you the best prices for the best piece of art you will get in the area. They work with the customers on pricing and our belief here is that no-one should be disallowed from getting the tattoo that they want. We are licensed with the Department of Health, and all our employees have certification and training in CPR, First Aid, and blood borne pathogens. Many of our customers are medical practitioners who trust us with their health.  

Rocklin Piercing shop

Navel Piercings and Dermal Specializations 

One of our specialties at Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing is carrying out professional piercings for customers, including navel piercings. The highly skilled and knowledgeable staff we employ here will do the work in our piercing booth, which is a private, sterile area that is cleaned and sterilized fully after each client. We use hospital grade cleaners and chemicals and the piercings are done with a high quality metal to make sure you and the piercing remain healthy.

We have been offering first class dermal piercings for longer than any other shop in the whole of northern California. When the work is done, it looks like a single rhinestone protruding from your body, usually a flat surface. We use a solid, grade 23 titanium jewelry implant and we choose the appropriate size for each individual customer. In the majority of cases, the dermal can be removed at our shop, although we will occasionally refer you to your surgeon.