Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing - Sacramento, CA

Dermal Piercings and Tattoo Cover-Ups near Sacramento, California 

If you live in Sacramento, California, and are looking for the best professional tattoo parlor in the area, then you should look no further than what we have on offer here at Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing. Since 2002 we have been providing the people of northern California with top-class and affordable tattoos and piercings and we have built up a loyal following.

Our shop is based in nearby Rocklin and we attract custom from a number of towns and cities in the area. It is our belief that customers’ tattoos should be their own personal choice, we are here only to advise on matters such as detail, size, and placement. Ultimately it is your body and your tattoo and we are here to do the rest.

The professional artists here take great pride in their work and love to do cover-ups and freshen up old tattoos that have been done years earlier. If you have been looking at your existing artwork and wishing it could be brighter, or have something added, then stop by and chat with us.

We recommend that people use sunblock to protect their tattoos when they expose it to the sun – that way it will prevent the tattoo from fading. If you are dissatisfied with a tattoo that we have done for you then come into the shop and let us know how we can improve it or cover it with something you prefer.

We also offer a wide range of piercings, including nose piercings, navel piercings, and dermal implants. In fact we have been offering dermals longer than any other parlor in the northern part of California, and are highly skilled in the craft.

Residents of Sacramento who want the best tattoo or piercing at highly affordable rates should come to our shop in Rocklin.

Contact Red Dragon Tattoo and Piercing at (916) 625-6618 and we will do the rest.


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